XL-Size, Custom-Made Storage Bin

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New to our bins? Please first check the “About Custom-Made Bins” page for more information, including product details, our working process, and our definition of bin sizes.

Before placing an order, please provide the measurements of your bin in inches using a ruler:

  • Width (handle side)
  • Depth (other side)
  • Height

Add up these measurements (WIDTH + DEPTH + HEIGHT) to obtain the sum. If the sum falls between 44.1″ and 50″ (112.1cm and 127cm), you can order your bin from this listing.

Made-to-order product
Production Time: 4-6 weeks
Ships out on the agreed delivery date
Return & Refund: not possible once production has begun

Please provide us with the measurements of your basket:
  • inches *
  • inches *
  • inches *
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Why choose our bins?

Each bin is custom-made according to your required measurements.

Wood core reinforcement is added to the hem and bottom of the bin.
The XL size also features 2 ribs on the longer sides, totaling 4 ribs per basket.

Lightweight – easy to slide and safe for kids to use.
Soft – No need to worry about scratches on your shelf and floor.

BODY: The bin is made of 100% biodegradable wool industrial felt sourced from Germany and Italy.
CORE: Birch plywood.
THREAD: The thread used is 100% recycled premium polyester corespun.

We utilize drawings to confirm bin details prior to production. Throughout the production process, progress updates accompanied by pictures are sent to you.

Specifications of design and materials:

  • The handle cutouts face each other on two sides.
  • A zig-zag stitch/seam is located in the center of the other sides.
  • The top part (above the handles) and the bottom are double-layered, with plywood cores inserted in between for reinforcement.
  • There are 2 ribs on the longer sides, making a total of 4 ribs per basket.
  • The felt used is 3mm-thick, 100% biodegradable industrial wool felt.

What to expect after placing an order:

  1. Upon receiving your order, we will send you an email within 2 business days to confirm the measurements. The email will include an attached drawing. Please reply to confirm.
  2. Production will commence once we have confirmed the details of your bin.
  3. Please note that cancellation or refund requests are not accepted after production has started.
  4. We will provide you with progress updates and photos during the production process.
  5. You will be notified when your order is ready to ship. Typically, production takes 4-6 weeks. We will dispatch the parcel on the agreed shipping date.

Production time before shipping:
4-6 weeks.


  • The bins are packed in a folded state.
  • Please steam (iron) them with medium heat to remove any creases.
  • Packing materials: The bins are wrapped with paper and packed with a plastic sheet or in a corrugated box.
  • Estimated delivery time:
    • EU countries: 4-6 business days.
    • USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong: 6-8 business days.
  • Shipping is handled by GLS/FedEx, and tracking service is available.

Spot clean only. The bins are not machine washable.

Frequently asked questions:

    • You can order up to 6 identical baskets in all sizes. If you require more than 6, please request a quote through the Contact page.
    • If you need baskets with different dimensions, please place separate orders for each basket.

About Industrial Wool Felt:
Industrial wool felt is a non-woven cloth produced by matting, condensing, and pressing wool fibers using machines under high temperature and pressure. It has a smooth, soft, and comfortable surface, with a dense and strong structure. Wool felt is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, and natural material.

Additional information

Shipping Weight5,05 kg
Shipping Dimensions58 × 58 × 9 cm

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