Functionality. Authenticity. Honesty.

About Aika Felt Works

Functional design, authentic materials and honest craftsmanship. These are the foundation of Aika Felt Works.
All products are handmade in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Aika Felt Works is a one-woman company by Japanese designer, Aika Urata, established in 2005.

Aika Urata has educational background in environmental design (furniture and architecture) and industrial design.

Its studio is situated in Arctic city, Rovaniemi, and all products are produced locally by hand.

Functionality is the core design philosophy of Aika Felt Works. Measurements, usability and durability are carefully tested when new products are developed.

Aika Felt Works uses only high quality, authentic wool felt, produced in Germany and Italy. Wool felt is biodegradable that we do not harm our environment.

And we work by hand. Many products are customisable and each product is made with honest craftsmanship to serve individual need, supporting with detailed customer service.







Satisfied customers

In addition to quality of products, quality of customer service is a very important factor for Aika Felt Works. Its detailed customer service is based on know-how acquired from failures and recoveries for more than 15 years of experiences, and numerousness of repeating customers shows their satisfaction.

Collaboration with interior design companies

Aika Felt Works has been working with interior design companies in the USA, Canada and UK to fulfil their clients’ high expectations. Please ask a quote of custom-made basket for your shelving project. We work accurately, and updates with progress photos are sent to you during the production. Completed works are shipped worldwide!