Care Instructions

How can I remove creases?

Bins are shipped folded, so creases are inevitable. Please steam (iron) with middle heat to smooth out the creases. I usually put a piece of cloth between the felt and iron when I steam. It takes time but it works well.

before steaming
after steaming

Can I get rid of the pills on the felt?

Wool felt will pill on its surface after many years of use. Use a safety razor or a pill remover to carefully remove the pills and the product will be as good as new.

Can I wash my felt bag?

It’s impossible to wash the whole felt bag, but you can partially clean it. Spot clean the stain by applying detergent to a separate cloth and dabbing it.

ketchup smear
ketchup smear removed
soy-sauce stain
soy-sauce stain removed

How can I care the insoles of my felt slippers?

Although a few percent shrinkage occurs, you can wash the insoles. Take off the insoles and wash gently by hand in warm water under 30°C. Dry them and steam iron with middle heat.